A-Level Publications

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A- Level Mathematics Revision Texts

These texts have been written for the Cambridge International Examionations (CIE) Syllabus 9709.

Each book contains:

     Revision Notes on syllabus topics

     Revision Tests on syllabus topics

     Examination Hints

     10 Practice Papers

     Answers to Tests and Practice Papers

Price:   Each book costs  RM20, including P&P within Malaysia.

           For international orders, please ask about postage costs.

           International Postage from Malaysia is much cheaper than most places !

Component 1  -  Pure Mathematics 1

ISBN  983-087-355-2

Component 3  -  Pure Mathematics 3

ISBN  983-087-355-8

Component 4  -  Mechanics 1

ISBN  983-087-336-6

Component 5  -  Mechanics 2

ISBN  983-087-356-0

Component 6  -  Statistics 1

ISBN  983-087-338-2

Component 7  -  Statistics 2

ISBN  983-087-339-0


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